Air Conditioning

We can now supply high quality heating and cooling units for installation in garden offices/studios.

These air conditioning units are equipped with a reversing cycle and can cool in the summer and heat in the winter and are very energy efficient.

Our high-quality installation services mean we can normally install a system in most studios in just one day. This is dependent on the size of the room, and subject to a free site survey.

An electrical supply must already be in-situ to the room for the standard installation.

A standard installation consists of:

  • 1 x wall mounted internal evaporator;
  • One hole through the wall for pipework and drain;
  • Up to 3 metres of interconnecting pipe and insulation;
  • Up to 3 metres of interconnecting cable;
  • 3 metres of 22mm drain tube, 4 elbows and 4 clips;
  • 1 x floor standing external condensing unit.

Where units require a 13amp supply, these will be powered by a 13amp plug.

Where units require a 16 amp supply, these will be hard wired.

Room size m²Air conditioning unit sizeElectrical supply required
Up to 12m²2.0KW13 amp
Up to 16m²2.5KW13 amp
Up to 25m²3.5KW13 amp
Up to 30m²5KW16 amp

Extras that you may require:

  • Wall brackets for external unit;
  • Extra pipe and insulation;
  • Electrical drain pump and tubing (if gravity is not possible);
  • Trunking or safety guards for external unit.

All our installations come with a 12 months labour and parts warranty.