Gazebo Project

Gazebo project completed recently. kiln dried 150mm x 150mm timber support posts with galvanized metal feet on concrete pad footings, Rinato classic composite decking, planned eased edged horizontal Venetian timber baton, tongue and groove ceiling covered with OSB board and rubber roofing .external feather-edge cladding, all timber pressure treated.

Market Huts

20x Folkestone Market Huts manufactured to clients specification and design and installed.

Bespoke Building

The building was built to Architect plans due to the building requiring planning permission. The walls/ceiling and floor were insulated then plaster boarded plus plaster finish/tongue and grooved mix before being painted by customer. Double glazed, tapco roof slate and we fitted the air con as part of the project.

Bespoke Hobby Room

Gone is the old concrete garage with asbestos.... In with the new bespoke Hobby Room. Tongue and groove pressure treated shiplap Double glazed windows Tapco stone black roof slate The building was insulated and plaster boarded

Hastings Pier Kiosk / Huts

In C50 black Cedral cladding with matching trims and black modi torch on felt. Quinneys joinery built shutters and doors. Did you know? Recently winds reaching 83 MPH were recorded by the Pier Manager and what happened to the huts?...........absolutely nothing!! Built to last.